About Us….so far ‘us’ is just ‘me’, Nella Monaco-Wells. I do use the ‘we’ when saying about the store or responding to book searches, I just think it sounds better for a business to be in plural. Definitely not the royal ‘we’.

I love books

As a child,  I remember writing–with marker!–on dolls–they all needed a little bit of make-up–but, my books? No way! Handled gently, in its proper place, and read over and over!

Besides thinking that I’d grow up to be a movie star, a veterinarian, a mechanic (like my Dad!), I did think of becoming a librarian…but, oh well! I OWN A BOOKSTORE! Woo-hoo!!

I’ve run The Bookstore since 2011. Have met lots and lots of wonderful people both from here and visitors to our area. 

I have over 10,000 books, around 2,000 comics, about 800 DVDs/CDs, and paintings, pictures, collectibles, memorabilia galore! If you don’t see what you are looking for on the website, send a message, call, email,…  let me check my inventory.

The Bookstore is located in Durham, (West Grey) Ontario

 Here is a little bit of history for you:

A bit of history about the area and the building where The Bookstore lives.

Durham was founded on May 1, 1842, by Archibald Hunter, from Scotland. Durham became one of the first ever self-sustaining communities in Canada through the flour and saw mills  belonging to John Edge, founded in the 1840s. Those mills were purchased by Robert McGowan in 1888, hence the Durham landmark McGowan Falls on the Saugeen River.

Durham, Ontario is 44 kilometres South of Owen Sound and 89 kilometres North of Guelph on Ontario Highway 6. The middle of the town is the intersection of Highway 6 and Grey Road 4.  On the South side of the intersection, on Highway 6/Garafraxa Street South, a few buildings down, is The Bookstore

Small outside …but large on the  inside!

The earliest information that we have for the building that houses The Bookstore is from 1906. It was a legal agreement that the building next door could attach its building to our side wall.

In the years since it’s been a family home, a Radio Repair Company (Cordick), an Automotive Garage (McCurley), a Ladies Clothing Store known as the D.F. Shop for over 20 years, and the Pontyprid/Garafraxa Street Bookstore for over 15 years. In November, 2011, the building became the Country Best Eis & Bookstore, selling both books and Italian gelato (ice cream). In 2016, the books took over. So, appropriately enough, our store name became The Bookstore

The Bookstore carries rare and gently used books of all classifications. Organized by the genres and alphabetically–making it much easier to look for specific books. Carrying used comics, DVDs, CDs, Celebrity Memorabilia, New & Used Treasures, Jewelry, Tins, Stones, Key Chains, and more.  A little something for everyone

Nella Monaco-Wells. Has a Ph.D in Multi-tasking. Loves making things such as miniatures, miniatures scenes, websites. Growing her indoor plants. Organizing books, finding new books. Walking. Spending time with her husband, Tim, and their fur-babies, Rylee and Tia, and family and friends. Meeting new people. Social media…you can always find her on Facebook 


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