Blind Dates

Do you like surprises? Do you like blind dates? Blind dates can be super scary, we’ve all heard of blind dates that went horribly wrong, haven’t we?

But, then again, they can also be a beautiful dream come thru.

mystery package
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Now comes the challenge.

Are you feeling a little nervous? Are you ready to just let go and see what happens?

Blind Date with a Book….doesn’t that sound tempting?

A blind date with a book, what a beautiful idea! This makes it impossible to judge the book solely based on the appearance, leading to many great experiences with books you may have never even picked up.

I will go and find a gently-used book that is in great condition under your selected genre.  You always hear ‘never judge a book by its cover’, now you don’t have to worry about it. These books are gently used in many different genres.

Select the genre or have me select one for you.

The Bookstore Choice: 2 books and a gift.

The Bookstore Way: 4 books and 2 gifts

A great way to find new books that will later become your favorite.

Feel free to send me your Goodreads profile, kindle library, bookshelf or anything that will help me to ensure that you do not already own this book! If you receive a book that you already own, I ask that you cover return shipping, and I will send you a new book free of charge! 🙂

I will take requests, just know that I may not be able to match it exactly.