Trade Policy

Books brought in can be either donated or traded for a store credit of 15% of the lowest cover price.  Hardcovers are counted at $3 each, Harlequins older than 1 years: counted at $1 each and then 15% of the amount totalled.

What we don’t take:

We only have so much space! So things that don’t sell well, items in rough/poor/wet conditions or that smell of mold/mildew/smoke will not be accepted

Items we don’t take include (but are not limited to) : most magazines, textbooks, reader’s digest condensed books, travel books, computer/software books, encyclopedias, ex-library books, and books purchased here.

In order to ensure that our book exchange policy is Covid safe, books are quarantined for 48 hours before being cleaned and added to our bookshelves.

There are several ways to get your books without coming into the store!

  • Fill out the contact entry form located on our ‘Contact’ page and we will search the shelf to let you know what we have!
  • You can send us your book list at or through Facebook, and we will search the shelves for you!
  • Check out the sections on the ‘Explore page for virtual browsing. We will try to update the pictures as often as possible. Please note that some books in the photos may have been sold! This is mostly to give a general idea of what’s on the shelves.
  • You can always give us a call while we are open to ask for specific titles or authors! 519-369-2974
  • If you don’t live in Durham, we can ship to you!