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AA New Book of The Road by Reader's Digest

AA New Book of The Road by Reader's Digest

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An amazing road book chock-full of interesting instruction,s and facts, and road maps of the United Kingdom. Instructions on what to do if your car breakdown, car terms and their meanings , what to do if you are ever in a car accident, if stopped by the police, offences, road signs, weather hazards and how to avoid trouble-spots on the motorway, seeing the sunsets for weather prediction, calendar of events, first aid, CPR, the kiss of life, town plans, leisure maps. Information about the land, the native animals, fish, bugs, birds, plants, buildings, inn signs, and so much more.

Reader's Digest, 1975

Hardcover (includes magnifying plate on a string) Very Good

417 pages


28.5 x 17 x 3.4 cm

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