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Agate Enhydro Geode Polished

Agate Enhydro Geode Polished

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Polished Agate Enhydro Geodes

Polished Agate Enhydro Geodes are natural quartz stones with trapped gas bubbles that have filled with water over time, approximately 6 to 8 million years ago.

They are prized for their beauty, with the water often visible through the translucent agate, and are believed to balance the mind, body, and spirit to promote inner stability and self-confidence.

Enhydro agates, which are often found in areas with volcanic rock and contain impurities in the water they hold, should not be consumed. These stones are formed over time as water filters through the mineral, and while some may be harder to see the water inside than others, shining a flashlight through them can give you a better view.

2 1/2"


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