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An Untamed Heart by Lauraine Snelling

An Untamed Heart by Lauraine Snelling

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Twenty-year-old Ingeborg is certain she is destined to be an old maid, now that she no longer can have the one she loved. With the future looking bleak, her mother suggests that she leave Norway and start afresh in America. But how will she accomplish that with little money and no one to accompany her? Roald Bjorklund is a widower who has been planning to go to America, lured by the promise of free land. He's a good man, a hard-working man--with a young son who desperately needs a mother. Ingeborg can tell Roald is interested in her, but what about love?

Lauraine Snelling, 2013

Paperback, Very Good

352 pages


21.5 x 14 x 2.4 cm

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