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Broken Wings by Carla Stewart

Broken Wings by Carla Stewart

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Onstage, the singing duo of Gabe and Mitzi Steiner captured America's heart for more than two decades. Offstage, their own hearts have throbbed as one for sixty years. Only now, Gabe has retreated into the tangles of Alzheimer's, leaving Mitzi to ponder her future alone. On the other side of Tulsa, everyone believes Brooke Woodson has found the perfect man -- a handsome lawyer with sights on becoming the city's next District Attorney. If only Brooke felt more sure. If only her fiance could control his anger. If only love didn't come with so many scars. When an accident lands Brooke in the hospital where Mitzi volunteers, the two women quickly develop an unlikely friendship. And with Mitzi's help, kindness, and insight. Brooke learns how to pick up the broken pieces of her life.

Carla Stewart, 2011

Paperback, Good

304 pages


20 x 13.1 x 2.1 cm

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