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Buddha by Karen Armstrong

Buddha by Karen Armstrong

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Acclaimed for her scholarship and vision in works 'The New York Times Book Review' calls "penetrating, readable and prescient", Karen Armstrong's rich, timely, highly original portrait of the Buddha explores Bothe the archetypal religious icon and Buddha the man. Armstrong follows the Buddha--born Siddhama Gotama--as he leaves his wife, his young child, and his comfortable life and eminent social status for an arduous quest for spiritual enlightenment. Armstrong brings to life the Buddha's quest, from his renunciation of his privileged life to the discovery of a truth that he believed would utterly transform human beings and enable them to live at peace in the midst of life's suffering. 'Buddha' also expands to focus and meditate on the culture and history of the time as well as the Buddha's place in the spiritual history of humanity and the special relevance of his teachings to our own society as we again face a crisis of faith.

Karen Armstrong, 2001

Hardcover, Very Good

205 pages


20.3 x 14 x 2 cm

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