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Copper Crystal Charging Plate

Copper Crystal Charging Plate

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Amplify your crystal energy with these amazing copper charging plates handmade by artisans in India! As a conductor, copper moves energy and amplifies thoughts. Use this altar tool to clear your field from anything that’s no longer serving you and to charge your sacred items with your highest intention! ✨💫

Set your copper plate on your bedside to cleanse your phone from daily use + charge it with positive energy for the day ahead or place it in a sunny window + fill it with crystals to charge + amplify their effects!


- Engraved copper

- 11.5 x 11.5 cm


- Made in India

✨Final Sale:

These charging plates are handmade in India and may arrive with imperfections like small scratches and tarnishing. We do not offer refunds for these imperfections. Copper tarnishes easily and all charging plates are expected to tarnish, especially after using for a while.

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