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Cross My Heart and Hope To Die, Claire Colman

Cross My Heart and Hope To Die, Claire Colman

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It should have been the perfect holiday: lazy days with good friends, spent in a pretty cottage by the sea. But then one family cancels and Kath substitutes Rob, her hunky younger brother and his current love. Then Kath's father, Giles, must come too. All Kath wants is to have uninterrupted sex with her husband. All Rob wants to do is find out if he still has a chance with the woman he loves. All Giles wants to do is become closer with his daughter. And eight-year-old Anna just wants to be a mermaid. At the heart of it all is Miranda...who wants nothing more than to survive the week without anyone discovering the truth she has kept hidden for all these years.

Claire Colman, 2004

Paperback, Very Good

382 pages


21.5 x 14 x 2.7 cm

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