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Divine Energy: Smudge and Stone Wellness Kit

Divine Energy: Smudge and Stone Wellness Kit

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Elevate Your Energy with Divine Energy Wellness Kit

Immerse yourself in a journey of holistic well-being with the Divine Energy Smudge and Stone Wellness Kit. Crafted by Sage & Stone, this kit is a blend of ancient wisdom and modern healing, offering a harmonious fusion of spiritual tools for body, mind, and spirit.

Why Choose Divine Energy Wellness Kit?

🌿 Abalone Shell for oceanic energy
🌿 Palo Santo Stick for cleansing and purifying
🌿 Selenite Crystal Wand for energy cleansing
🌿 7 Healing Gemstones for chakra balance
🌿 Cedar Smudge Wand for grounding
🌿 Informative explanation of each item included
🌿 Ethically sourced materials from around the world

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