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Electric ARGUS PA-300 Projector

Electric ARGUS PA-300 Projector

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Electric ARGUS PA-300 Projector, 1948.Who remembers 35mm film and those little square slides that they used to use in school? Ok well this machine uses both! This is a 1948 electric Argus PA-300 projector. This can be used for slides --there's a partition in the case that slides in easy for that. This can also be used with 35mm film strips, microfilm, and such, single or double frame, in lengths up to 10ft. The instruction manual, though well-used has great black and white pictures to show you how to work it. Comes with an extra bulb that doesn't look to have been used at all...and the projector's case.



39 x 34 x 32 cm

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