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Judgement Day by James F. David

Judgement Day by James F. David

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The Kingdom of Light. The forces of Darkness, Ira Breitling--Man of God. Manuel Crow--Lord of Darkness. Even the universe is not big enough for both of them. The reign of Lucifer is about to begin--prophesied as a thousand years of darkness--is about to begin. With the world falling fast under Crow's violent sway, Breitling's Fellowship seizes their divine gift of faster-than-light flight and flees Earth. Their journey takes them beyond the distant stars to a perfect planet uncorrupted by Crow and his Kingdom of Darkness. But Manuel Crow is not finished with them yet. Ira and the Fellowship must defend not only themselves, but the soul of all humanity. Will the Fellowship prevail...or fall under evil's reign? Let the battle begin.

James F. David, 2005

Hardcover, Like New

655 pages


24 x 16.5 x 4.5 cm

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