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Karmic Tarot (Revised & Expanded), William C. Lammey

Karmic Tarot (Revised & Expanded), William C. Lammey

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A Profound system for Finding and following your life's Path. Opening the door to deeper understanding of the daily events in our lives, Mr. Lammey examines every aspect of the Tarot, and discusses the relation of the Tarot to other disciplines such as numerology, the chakras, colour, yoga, Sufism, and Theosophy. Pack with new easy-to-interpret charts and spreads, this guidebook contains individual interpretations of all 78 cards, both upright and inverted, in all 22 position of the Karmic Spread--over 3,000 new interpretations in all!

William C. Lammey, 1993

Paperback, Very Good (a few scuffs around edges)

259 pages


27.5 x 21.8 x 2 cm

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