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Laughter Incorporated by Bennett Cerf

Laughter Incorporated by Bennett Cerf

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The cream of the recent crop of stories and anecdotes, harvested, assorted, and prepared for market. "Never in history has the average American citizen found more need for a saving sense of humour. Beset by threats of destruction by atomic bombs, inflation, mounting taxes, overcrowded cities, witch hunters, propagandists, caterwauling commentators, and the incessant clamour of radio and television commercials, [we] must laugh occasionally to keep from blowing [our] top altogether....This collection of stories and anecdotes is designed to guide [us] back, if only momentarily, to the funny side of the street...." Printed in 1955 this sounds a lot like now, doesn't it? Illustrated by Paul Galdone

Bennett Cerf, 1955

Hardcover, Very Good (a few tears on dust jacket)

191 pages


20.6 x 14.5 x 2 cm

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