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Laying It On The Line by Buzz Hargrove

Laying It On The Line by Buzz Hargrove

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Driving a Hard Bargain in Challenging Times. Canada's most trusted voice for working people writes about the Big Three auto-makers (Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford), the economic crises and how we can forge ahead. In late 2008, the world's economy began to tumble at avalanche speed, and at the forefront were the Big Three auto-makers. Suddenly these and other manufacturing giants found themselves begging governments to save their industries. Buzz Hargrove, former head of the Canadian Autoworkers (CAW), retired right before the collapse, but not before witnessing the decades of bad decision-making --by federal governments and CEOs--that set the stage for the sudden crisis. In this book, Hargrove explains the crisis from his side of the table as well as what the changes mean for Canada and how the manufacturing sector can again become the country's foremost economic driver. Along the way, he recounts his behind-the-door dealings with GM, Ford, Chrysler, Air Canada and others, explaining the controversial agreements he reached over his decades as Canada's chief labour leader.

Buzz Hargrove, 2009

Hardcover, Very Good

324 pages


23.5 x 16.2 x 2.6 cm

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