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Man's Country by Peter Clark MacFarlane

Man's Country by Peter Clark MacFarlane

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"There is a great country, largely inhabited by men, to which most women, particularly wives and mothers, are strangers. Every morning husbands and sons go down to it; there they spend their days, their energy, and, in proportion as they succeed, their love. Its name is Business: it is a despotism, demanding submission to its laws, but it is a delectable country to those in its favour, luring them on and on. There are kings there, and princes--and this is the story of one of the princes who grew up to be a king--the history of a great love of which Business was jealous". Illustrations by Charles D. Mitchell

Peter Clark MacFarlane, 1923

Hardcover, Very Good (The illustrated pages are loose)

343 pages


19.2 x 13 x 3.2 cm

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