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Moral Compass by Danielle Steel

Moral Compass by Danielle Steel

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At an elite private school in Massachusetts, a wide circle of lives will be forever changed by a devastating series of events. Saint Ambrose Prep is a place where the wealthy send their children for the best possible education. Traditionally a boys-only school, Saint Ambrose has just enrolled one hundred and forty female students for the first time. One day after the school's annual Halloween event, a student lies in the hospital, her system poisoned by dangerous levels of alcohol. Everyone is this sheltered community--parents, teachers, students, police, and media--is left trying to figure out what actually happened. Only the handful of students who were there when she was attacked truly know the answers, and they have vowed to keep one another's secrets

Danielle Steel, 2020

Hardcover, Very Good (does have previous owner's initials on first page inside)

276 pages


24 x 16 x 3 cm

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