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Native American Tarot Deck by Magda Weck Gonzalez

Native American Tarot Deck by Magda Weck Gonzalez

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The Native American Tarot is drawn from the four corners of North America: Eastern Nations, Plains Nations, Southwest Nations and Northwest Nations. The cards are informed by a variety of Native American tribes including Apache, Arapaho, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chippewa, Comanche, Hopi, Huron, Inuit, Iroquois, Kiowa, Navaho, Papago, Pima, Pueblo, Shawnee, Sioux, and Yaqui. This deck is not limited to the standard interpretations of traditional illustrations, but reflects the spirit and meaning of the Native American Way. Inspired by the fusion of European and Native American ideals, the card titles and illustrations are modified in both obvious and subtle ways. Artwork by J. A. Gonzalez

Magda Weck Gonzalez, 2023

78-Card Deck, Instruction Booklet


11.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm

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