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Never Quit Sterling Silver Meditation Spinner Ring - Size 10

Never Quit Sterling Silver Meditation Spinner Ring - Size 10

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Never Quit Meditation Spinner Ring NEVER QUIT “ Energy Stone salutes those who surmount trying physical and mental conditions in their line of work to help others in distress with the NEVER QUIT ring. UNYIELDING EFFORT - The NEVER QUIT ring is one of the most artistic rings by Energy Stone. The sterling silver base ring is etched with a picture of high mountains whose pinnacles reach the clouds, signifying humanity™s effort to climb high mountains despite challenging environments. FEEL PEACEFUL AND CALM “ Enhance your meditation practice and bring yourself a sense of calm on the most hectic of days. Let your fingers feel the sky, the hills and the valleys of the base ring and spin the rounded edge spinner as you release nervous energies and restore your inner self to a state of perfect balance any time of day.


13 x 9 x 5 cm

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