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On Hummingbird Wings

On Hummingbird Wings

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Gillian Ormsby's younger sister has always been the favourite--the one who stayed close to home, got married, and gave their mother grandchildren. She's also the best at dealing with their mother Dorothy. Nevertheless, when Dorothy claims yet again that she is dying, Gillian leaves her job in New York at the worst possible time to care for her, even though her primary ailment seems to be hypochondria. In California Gillian finds her mother's beloved garden wilted and brown, the blinds drawn, and Dorothy indeed in bed, waiting to die. She focuses on quickly restoring Dorothy's health and will to live so she can get back to her own life. However, surrounded by new friends, Gillian is unprepared for the warmth that steals into her heart. Gradually her priorities are challenged, particularly as she grows close to Adam, a neighbour whose friendship holds the promise of becoming something more. Can a successful career compete with the one thing New York was missing--family?

Lauraine Snelling, 2011

Paperback, Very Good

343 pages


23 x 13.1 x 2.5 cm

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