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Orgonite Pyramid with Copper Coils and Obsidian Crystals

Orgonite Pyramid with Copper Coils and Obsidian Crystals

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Elevate the energy of your space and enhance your spiritual practice with our Orgonite Pyramid featuring Copper Coils and Obsidian Crystals. This stunning piece is meticulously crafted to provide a potent combination of healing energies, making it a perfect addition to your home, office, or meditation space.


  • Orgonite Technology: Made from a unique blend of resin and crystals, our Orgonite Pyramid is designed to transform negative energy into positive, balanced energy. This powerful technology is known for its ability to purify the atmosphere, promote well-being, and protect against harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

  • Copper Coils: Copper is known for its excellent conductivity and energy amplification properties. The carefully placed copper coils within the pyramid enhance the flow of positive energy, making it a potent tool for energy healing and spiritual work.

  • Obsidian Crystal: At the heart of the pyramid lies a beautiful Obsidian crystal. Known for its protective qualities, Obsidian helps to shield against negativity, grounding your energy and providing clarity and insight. It is a powerful stone for deep healing and transformation.

  • Handcrafted Elegance: Each pyramid is handcrafted with precision and care, ensuring that every piece is unique. The combination of natural materials and artistic design makes it a beautiful decor item that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for energy healing, yoga, meditation, and creating a balanced environment, this Orgonite Pyramid is a versatile tool. Place it in your home, office, or any space where you want to promote harmony and balance.

  • Spiritual Gift: This pyramid makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for friends and loved ones who are on a spiritual journey. Its protective and healing properties make it a perfect present for any occasion.


  • Base: 5 cm
  • Height: 5 cm


  • Resin
  • Copper coils
  • Obsidian crystals

Why You'll Love It:

This Orgonite Pyramid with Copper Coils and Obsidian Crystals is more than just a beautiful decor piece; it is a powerful tool for energy healing and spiritual growth. Whether you are looking to enhance your meditation practice, protect against negative energies, or simply bring a sense of peace and balance into your space, this pyramid offers profound benefits.

Embrace the harmonious energy and protective qualities of this exquisite Orgonite Pyramid. Order yours today and transform your environment with the power of ancient wisdom and modern design.

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