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Peter Jameson by Gilbert Frankau

Peter Jameson by Gilbert Frankau

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A Modern Romance. "Three families--the Jamesons, the Gordons, and the Baynets-- are principally concerned in this story. All three were originally English yeomen; country, not county folk; probably peasants--in the best sense of the word. ...Peter's grandfather--Peter the First--deserted the country for the town of the beginning of the great manufacturing age (about 1840); married a "cit's" daughter; tried his luck in the City; couldn't stand it; and wandered out to the West Indies, trading first at Georgetown, Demerara, then in Bridgetown, Barbadoes; and finally settling down in the then Spanish colony of Cuba..."

Gilbert Frankau, 1923

Hardcover, Good

431 pages


17.5 x 13 x 3.3 cm

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