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Plantable 2-in-1 Bookmark

Plantable 2-in-1 Bookmark

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Introducing our Plantable 2-in-1 Bookmark aka Plant 1 Bookmark, Keep 1 Bookmark! Designed with a delicate depiction of the wildflower or herb on the vellum top bookmark, this piece boasts an original design that celebrates nature's beauty. Beneath lies a plantable bookmark crafted from natural white handmade paper, enriched with a diverse selection of wildflower and herb seeds including Baby-blue-eyes, Maiden Pinks, Snapdragon, Corn Poppy, English Daisy, Thyme, and Basil.

The two bookmarks are elegantly bound together with a cotton cord, ensuring they stay connected and ready for use. Measuring 7" x 2", each bookmark comes enclosed in a compostable sleeve, highlighting our commitment to sustainability. Experience the joy of reading while nurturing the environment with our Plant 1 Bookmark, Keep 1 Bookmark!


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