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Popular Songs That Will Live Forever

Popular Songs That Will Live Forever

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Remember when your parlour piano had a bench stuffed to overflowing with music? When on a rainy afternoon or after Sunday dinner you could open the lid to discover treasures untold, stacked there waiting to be played? Stephen Foster, Irving Berlin, ...

The American piano bench is almost just a memory today, gone with the nickel candy bar, white buck shoes and sarsaparilla. It belongs to another way of life now. 

Images fade with their realities. But the spirit of such times remains, lovingly preserved between the covers of books such as this one. 'Popular Songs That Will Live Forever' brings together a wide assortment of 94 treasured songs--show and movie songs; hits from the turn of the century to the present; international standards; devotional classics ands gems from operettas; even favourites from the world of jazz--creating a present day "piano bench"full of times, places and memories.

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