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Secrets of the Heart (Ravensmoore, Book 1), Jillian Kent

Secrets of the Heart (Ravensmoore, Book 1), Jillian Kent

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Madeline Whittington emerges from English society's prescribed period of mourning in late winter 1817. A string of heartbreaking losses has convinced her that she no longer belongs in a world of gossip and gowns--instead she discovers a passion for helping others. When she confronts the new Earl of Ravensmoore for his part in her father's death, she finds her rage slowly turning into respect...and then something more--an attraction that catapults them into unexpected danger, incredible love, and ultimate forgiveness.

Jillian Kent, 2011

Paperback, Very Good

290 pages


20.5 x 13.7 x 2 cm

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