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Silver Gothic Oval Poison Box Locket Ring - Genuine Gemstone

Silver Gothic Oval Poison Box Locket Ring - Genuine Gemstone

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Behold this captivating solid sterling silver Poison Ring, boasting a medieval-inspired design with a genuine gemstone set at the heart of a cross. Unveil its enchanting secret as the ring discreetly opens to reveal a hidden compartment. While the legends of poison rings whisper tales of intrigue, this versatile accessory offers a myriad of possibilities beyond mischief.

Choose from a Genuine Round Garnet (size 9) or Rainbow Moonstone (size 7) gemstone to personalize your style. The ring spans 3/4" wide across the center (with a 4mm bottom), showcasing both elegance and craftsmanship. The top gracefully opens to expose a discreet 9x12mm compartment, allowing you to stow away scented herbs, medicine, special prayers, a lock of hair, photos, or any tiny treasures that resonate with you.

Embrace the mystique of this Poison Ring, marked 925 for Sterling Silver, a unique and versatile piece that transcends its medieval roots into a realm of personal expression and hidden sentiments.

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