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Source Records of The Great Events ...,

Source Records of The Great Events ...,

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...of The Post War Period 1924-1927

The Table of Contents reads:An Outline Narrative of The Escape from the War Curse; New Turkey Discards the Old (Mar. 3, 1924) The Ancient Mohammedan Caliphate Abolished; The United States Restricts Immigration (May 26, 1924) The "Quota Act" Limits Foreigners and Offends Japan; Socialism Takes Control of France (June 11, 1924) A Nationalist President Forced out of Office; Establishing the Dawes Plan (Aug. 30, 1924 German Reparations Placed on a Practical Basis; Ibn Said Conquers the Muslem Holy Land (Oct. 13, 1924) The Wahhabis become Masters of Arabia; Hindenburg made President of Germany (May 12, 1925) The German Republic United by a Strong Leader; China Revolts against Europe at Shanghai (May 30, 1925); Evolution Becomes a Legal Issue (July 21, 1925) The Dayton Trial Upholds Fundamentalism; The Locarno Treaties (Oct. 16, 1925) Germany Pledges Peace along the Rhine; The Bombardment of Damascus (Oct. 18, 1925) Syria Rebels against the French Mandate; Britain's National Strike (May 4, 1926) Labor Fails in its Clash against Society; The Seizure of Warsaw (May 15, 1926) Pilsudski makes himself Dictator of Poland; Downfall of the Riffs (May 27, 1926) France and Spain Victorious in Morocco; Failure of Arbitration in Chile (June 14, 1926) The United States withdraws as arbiter between Chile and Peru; Mexico Banned by its Priests (July 31, 1926) The Government Seizes the Catholic Church Property; Germany Enters the League of Nations (Sept. 10, 1926) The League Becomes Truly International; Italy Takes Control of Albania (Nov. 27, 1926) Albania Becomes a Republic and then a Kingdom; France Stabilizes the Franc (Dec. 20, 1926) A Union Ministry Rescues France from Bankruptcy; The Great Mississippi Flood (April-May, 1927) A New Battle Planned against the Mighty River; Italy Enacts her Charter of Labor (April 21, 1927) Fascism Asserts Control over Labor and Capital; Lindbergh Crosses The Atlantic Alone (May 20-21, 1927) The First of the "Good Will" Airplane Flights; The Modernizing of the Ku Klux (November, 1927) The Klan Abandons Secrecy and Proclaims Reform; Index.

Charles F. Horne, Ph. D., Walter F. Austin, LL. M., 1931

Hardcover, Very Good

448 pages


24.1 x 16.7 x 4.2 cm

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