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Spirit of The Eagle (Signed), Vella Munn

Spirit of The Eagle (Signed), Vella Munn

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Well-researched and accurate in their portrayals of cultures in turmoil, Vella Munn's novels vividly conjure up the conflicts between whites and Native Americans. It's 1872, in far-northern California, the last few bands of Modoc cling to their ancestral lands, trying to live in peace with the settlers who are farming the ground where the Indians once lived. But the U.S. government has decided it's time to move the Modoc to a reservation. The Modoc are brave men and women who will fight to the last soul for the lands they have always called home.

Vella Munn, 1996

Hardcover, Very Good

352 pages


21.8 x 15 x 3 cm

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