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Survivor 1st Edition Card Game

Survivor 1st Edition Card Game

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Original 1st edition Survivor Trading Card Game Each two player 60-card deck pit Castaways in direct competition to see who can capture the Immunity Idol and stay on the island the longest. Along the way, players compete in Immunity Challenge mini-games while managing their Food and Alliance cards. The 2-player, 60-card deck includes: 10 Castaway cards; 1 "Create Your Own Castaway" card; 9 Immunity Challenge cards; 10 Item cards; 10 Food cards; 14 Fortune cards; 1 Immunity Idol card; and 1 Survivor manual. Outwit - Outplay - Outlast

Upper Deck Entertainment, 2001

60 Cards, Like New --package has never been opened


13.5 x 9.3 x 2.5 cm

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