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The Angel of The Left Bank by Jean-Paul Kauffmann

The Angel of The Left Bank by Jean-Paul Kauffmann

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The Secrets of Delacroix's Parisian Masterpiece. In this mesmerizing examination of Delacroix's crowning master-work, 'Jacob Wrestling with the Angel', and of Saint-Sulpice, the grand church that houses it, Jean-Paul Kauffmann confronts humanity's struggle with God. Throughout his careful, impassioned examination of the work, with Delacroix laboured over for eight years and finished in 1861, Kauffmann touches on architecture and art history, philosophy and religion, and the luminous city of Paris itself. Like a detective, he looks for lingering clues in the places Delacroix frequented and the objects he touched some 150 years ago, seeking to connect with the artist's philosophical and artistic process--and, in turn, to discover what truths we might ultimately glean from it. His journey makes for enthralling reading.

Jean-Paul Kauffman, 2002

Paperback, Very Good

226 pages


20.5 x 13.5 x 1.4 cm

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