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The Change Before Change

The Change Before Change

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The Essential Book for Every Woman Over 35

You’re in the prime of life. As far as you know, menopause could be years away. So why is your body sending you such weird messages?

Women today can’t afford to lose time and energy to the common, but often misdiagnosed, symptoms of perimenopause — from mood swings and stubborn extra pounds to hot flashes and insomnia — that precedemenopause by as much as a decade.

In this lively and solution-packed book, renowned ob/gyn Dr. Laura Corio provides all the information you need to take charge of your physical and emotional well-being:

• Hormone treatment before menopause, including all the new, natural, and low-dose forms that are making this a safe choice for more women

• Herbs, soy, and other alternative therapies that are backed by solid medical research

• How perimenopause affects fertility — and what to do if you want to get pregnant

• How your skin, hair, and nails reflect deeper changes — and how to make them vibrant again

• Ways to combat cancer fears — and what tests you absolutely must have

• Whether a high-protein diet is right for you — and what vitamins and minerals you should be taking

• What to do now to protect your breasts, uterus, bones, and heart in the years to come

• Diet and exercises to prevent or minimize symptoms, and much more!

Laura E. Corio M.D., Linda G. Kahn, 2002

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434 pages

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