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The Confident Woman by Ingrid Trobisch

The Confident Woman by Ingrid Trobisch

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Finding quiet strength in a turbulent world. In these times when beliefs are being questioned and roles reexamined, Ingrid Trobisch is a valuable companion on the path to confidence, fulfillment, and joy. With warmth and insight, Trobisch integrates personal anecdotes, the wisdom of psychology, literature, and philosophy; a multicultural perspective gained from years spent living around the world, and her abiding Christian faith and spirituality. Trobisch cites examples that illuminate the traits of a confident, competent woman. Exploring gender roles in the twenty-first century and accepting one's body, a sense of vocation and practical job skills, time management and time spent listening to God--the special needs of women are honestly recognized and pragmatically addressed.

Ingrid Trobisch, 1993

Hardcover, Very Good

171 pages


22 x 14.8 x 2 cm

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