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The Crossbones (Skeleton Creek, Book 3), Patrick Carman

The Crossbones (Skeleton Creek, Book 3), Patrick Carman

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Ryan and Sarah have solved one mystery...only to find themselves trapped by another. As they dig deeper into the hidden history of the Crossbones, Ryan records everything in his notebook--and Sarah captures everything she sees on video. As the spookiness spreads, this new mystery is going to take Sarah and Ryan far beyond Skeleton Creek and across America, each new site more haunted than the last, each new clue adding up to a spine-chilling secret. Someone has created a mystery. Ryan and Sarah must solve it. And everyone around them wants to stop them. Secrets are buried in Skeleton Creek. Read it. Watch it. Live it.

Patrick Carman, 2010

Hardcover, Very Good

210 pages


21.8 x 14.5 x 2.2 cm

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