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The Last King: Rome's Greatest Enemy

The Last King: Rome's Greatest Enemy

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The historical adventures of a man who tries to claim the mantle of Alexander the Great and unite the peoples of the Ancient Greek empire in a crusade against the growing power of Rome. At age 11, Mithridates inherited a small mountain kingdom of wild tribesmen. At age twenty-one, he proved to be a military genius and quickly consolidated various fiefdoms under his command. For more than forty years Rome sent its greatest generals to contain Mithridates and gain control over his empire only after suffering a series of devastating defeats. Each time Rome declared victory, Mithridates considered it merely a strategic retreat and soon come roaring back with a more powerful army than before.

Michael Curtis Ford, 2004

Hardcover, Very Good

373 pages


24.2 x 16 x 3.2 cm

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