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The Letters of Kingsley Amis

The Letters of Kingsley Amis

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Kingsley Amis was a brilliant and frequently outrageous correspondent. In his love letters and letters to intimate friends--in particular Philip Larkin and Robert Conquest--he wrote with a freedom and frankness impossible in work intended for publication. As a result the more than 800 letters contained in this volume--the vast majority of them published for the first time--contain some of his wittiest, most acerbic and most painfully revealing pages. Above all, 'The Letters of Kingsley Amis' provide a moving, scandalously funny, warts-and-all self-portrait of one of our finest and most-missed writers.

Kingsley Amis. Edited by Zachary Leader, 2000

Hardcover, Very Good

1208 pages


24 x 16 x 6.5 cm

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