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The Long Night of White Chickens, Francisco Goldman

The Long Night of White Chickens, Francisco Goldman

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A novel born of two worlds: the story of Roger Graetz, raised in a Boston suburb by an aristocratic Guatemalan mother, and his relationship with Flor de Mayo, the beautiful young Guatemalan orphan sent by his grandmother to live with his family as a maid. When, years later in the 1980s, Flor is murdered in Guatemala while running an orphanage, Roger returns to uncover the truth of her death. There he is reunited with Luis Moya, a childhood friend, and together they venture on a quest and chronicle of Flor's whole life story that will prove to have unexpected, and unforgettable, repercussions

Francisco Goldman, 1992

Paperback, Like New

451 pages


23 x 15.2 x 3 cm

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