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The Mother of All Toddler Books by Ann Douglas

The Mother of All Toddler Books by Ann Douglas

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The #1 All-Canadian Guide to a Happy, Healthy Toddler

For over two decades, Canadians have counted on Ann Douglas for her reassuring, proven, and never-bossy advice. Featuring the latest recommendations from Canadian health authorities and the best tips from more than 100 Canadian parents, The Mother of All Toddler Books is an indispensable resource for helping you and your toddler thrive. Inside, you’ll find

· parenting strategies that nurture and grow your relationship with your toddler

· parent-tested advice on coping with temper tantrums, biting, and other discipline challenges

· key developmental milestones for the toddler years, with safety checklists to help you toddler-proof your home

· the secret to serving up nutritious, toddler-pleasing meals plus understanding vitamin supplements, food allergies, and food intolerances

· tried-and-true methods for making the transition from crib to bed easier, plus managing naps and other sleep difficulties

· parent-to-parent dos and don’ts to make potty training simpler and less stressful

· practical answers to managing fevers, ear infections, and other health questions that can have you hitting the panic button (and/or Google!) at 3 a.m.

Ann Douglas, 2002.

Paperback, Very Good.



21.5 x 14 x 3 cm

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