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The Reckless Lady by Philip Gibbs

The Reckless Lady by Philip Gibbs

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The story of a woman, Helen Fleming, and her two almost grown-up children Sylvia and Stephen. The novel opens in Monte Carlo where the family are staying.Conversations reveal that they have travelled widely in Europe and Sylvia in particular is fluent in French and Italian, has read European literature and studies European art, but Gibbs ensures we know that they are English.

It soon becomes obvious that Helen is married, but separated from her husband, that the children (aged about 17 or 18) have no memory of their father and that Helen earns a living through gambling in the casino

Philip Gibbs, 1925

Hardcover, Very Good (pages 263 to 266 are still attached in one spot)

367 pages


19.5 x 13.5 x 3.5 cm

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