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The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

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Hotel Le Sommet, a former sanatorium high in the Swiss Alps, has long been plagued by dark rumours. When detective Elin Warner's estranged brother, Isaac and his fiancée, Laure, invite her to celebrate their engagement at the hotel, Elin reluctantly accepts. When Laure suddenly vanishes, Elin must trust her instincts if they hope to find her. When the snow cuts off all access to Le Sommet, the remaining guests start to panic. Then another woman disappears--and she's the only person who could have warned them of just how much danger they are all in...

Sarah Pearse, 2022

Paperback, Very Good

398 pages


21 x 14 x 2.3 cm


Hardcover, Very Good

390 pages


23.5 x 16 x 3.5 cm

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