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The Stormy Petrel by Mary Stewart

The Stormy Petrel by Mary Stewart

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A Mysterious Retreat on Moila Island

Rose Fenemore eagerly anticipates a serene holiday with her brother, Crispin, on the picturesque Island of Moila, nestled off Scotland's west coast. The secluded cottage they've chosen seems like the ideal spot for Rose to delve into her writing and for Crispin to pursue his love for photography. However, their envisioned peaceful getaway takes an unexpected twist. The sudden delay in Crispin's arrival is just the beginning. The stormy weather brings two strangers to their doorstep, each with a tale that plunges Rose into a whirlwind of doubt and danger. Torn between her feelings for Ewen Mackay, the island's enigmatic resident, and the dubious John Parsons, Rose finds herself ensnared in a web of intrigue and suspense.

Details & Specifications

  • Author: Mary Stewart
  • Publication Year: 1991
  • Format: Hardcover in Very Good condition (Note: Contains a store stamp on the first page inside cover)
  • Page Count: 189
  • Weight: 442g
  • Dimensions: 24.2 x 16.5 x 2 cm

"Mysteries Unfold in 'The Stormy Petrel'"

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