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The Sweet Girl by Annabel Lyon

The Sweet Girl by Annabel Lyon

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Pythias is her father's daughter. Aristotle has never been able to resist wit in another--even in a girl child who should be content with the kitchen, the loom and a life dictated by the womb. And ho! His little Pytho is smart, able to best his students in debate and match wits with a roomful of Athenian philosophers. But, Aristotle dies when when Pythias is only sixteen. Orphan Pythias soon finds out that that the world is a place of superstition, not logic, and that a girl can be played upon by the gods and goddesses, as much as by grown men and women. To safely journey to a place in which she can be everything she truly is, Aristotle's daughter will need every ounce of wit she possesses, but also grace and the capacity to love.

Annabel Lyon, 2012

Paperback, Very Good

239 pages


20.3 x 13.7 x 1.9 cm

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