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The Trail to Seven Pines by Louis L'Amour

The Trail to Seven Pines by Louis L'Amour

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Hopalong was headed northeast toward open country when he crossed the path of six suspicious-looking men wearing silver-plated Colts. By the time he heard the gunshots, he was too far up the trail--riding back to find a robbed stagecoach and two dead bodies. The shipment of gold was the fourth to be hijacked in only three months, and appeared to be connected to the range war exploding around the Rocking R Ranch in the nearby town of Seven Pines. Hiring on at the Rocking R, Hopalong organizes a rough and ragtag outfit to save the ranch, only to find himself accused of murder and the target of a ruthless gunman named Clark Jacks.

Louis L'Amour, 1992

Hardcover, Very Good

244 pages


23.5. x 15.7 x 2.7 cm

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