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The Winning of Barbara Worth by Harold Bell Wright

The Winning of Barbara Worth by Harold Bell Wright

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This is the story of a little girl, found in the desert, the only survivor of a vicious attack by Indians. We follow her as she grows up, having been adopted by an industrialist in the party that found her, and cared for over the years by other men in the same party who were like older brothers and uncles to her​. This all takes place during the era when the West was being settled. Little towns sprang up, canals were built, great rivers were diverted, and the railroads were built. Two industrialists, one the man who adopted the little girl and one a man of the eastern US, became pitted against each other in a huge expansionist project in this desert area, and two younger men, each allied with one of these industrialists, become a big part of the action, both with apparent prospects of winning Barbara's hand.

Harold Bell Wright, 1911

Hardcover, Very Good (a corner is torn off the announcement page at the end of the book

511 pages


19.3 x 13.2 x 2.6 cm

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