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The Wisdom Well by Ivarna Kalinkova

The Wisdom Well by Ivarna Kalinkova

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Dip Into Your Subconscious to Foretell the Future. Only in 'The Wisdom Well' can you learn how to take a uniquely personal reading from 36 beautifully illustrated Jungian tarot cards, each depicting one of the shadowy archetypes--the hero, the alchemist, and many others--who inhabit your psyche. Learn how to interpret the meaning of each card. Apply the message of the cards to your own special circumstances. Gain insight into the mysteries of your life and subconscious. Receive specific advice about present and future problems in every aspect of life from love and relationships to career and finances.

Ivarna Kalinkova, 2003

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36-card Deck, 96-page Guidebook


20.3 x 15.3 x 2.4 cm

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