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The Word by Irving Wallace

The Word by Irving Wallace

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In the ruins of the ancient Roman seaport of Ostia Antica, an Italian archaeologist has discovered a first-century papyrus, its faded Aramaic text revealing a new gospel written by James, younger brother of Jesus, the original source of the four gospels of the New Testament. To the world at large, if it is real, will come as a revelation, a call to revived faith and hope in an age of doubt and fear. To the syndicate of international Bible publishers, and the theologians who have guarded the secret since its discovery, 'The Word' is a consuming obsession as well as a business enterprise of such magnitude that they cannot let it be touched by the slightest tinge of doubt. To Steven Randall, the public relations man who has been hired to launch the 'International New Testament' upon a world which is losing its faith, the assignment offers more than an awesome challenge. Haunted by his own personal problems, he sees in it the promise of spiritual regeneration. But as he gathers the background material for his international promotion, delving deeper into the circumstances surrounding the resurrection of the gospel, he begins, slowly and much against his will, to question its authenticity.

Irving Wallace, 1972

Hardcover, Very Good

575 pages


22.3 x 15 x 4.5 cm

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