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Tidelands (The Fairmile Series, Book 1) by Philippa Gregory

Tidelands (The Fairmile Series, Book 1) by Philippa Gregory

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England, 1648. It's a dangerous time for a woman to be different. On midsummer eve, Alinor meets James, a young man on the run. She shows him the secret ways across the treacherous marshy landscape of the tidelands, not knowing she is leading a spy and an enemy into her life. England is in the grip of a bloody civil war and Alinor's suspicious neighbours are watching each other for any sign that someone might be disloyal to the new parliament, and Alinor's ambition and determination mark her as a woman who doesn't follow the rules. They have always whispered about the sinister power of Alinor's beauty, but the secrets they don't know about her and James are far more damning. This is the time of witch mania, and if the villagers discover the truth, they could take matters into their own hands.

Philippa Gregory, 2019

Paperback, Very Good (there is some writing on inside page, otherwise it would have been 'Like New')

469 pages


20.3 x 13.2 x 2.6 cm

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