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True Honor (Uncommon Heroes, Book 3) by Dee Henderson

True Honor (Uncommon Heroes, Book 3) by Dee Henderson

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They called her from retirement for one more war....Darcy St. James retired from the CIA two years ago with an Intelligence Star for Valor. Then September 11 happened. Friends died. And her nation needed her network of contacts and her street smarts. Darcy is hunting down a man who knew September 11 would happen--and chose to profit from the knowledge. Chief Petty Officer Sam "Cougar" Houston is busy: The Intelligence Darcy is generating has his SEAL team deploying around the world. As one of the squad's snipers, he's taking on the enemy one man at a time. And he can't afford to take Darcy's contacts at face value--one of them wants her dead.

Dee Henderson, 2002

Paperback, Very Good

352 pages


21 x 13.3 x 2.3 cm

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