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Twine Sterling Silver Meditation Spinner Ring

Twine Sterling Silver Meditation Spinner Ring

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Introducing our TWINE ring – a symbolic representation of the unyielding connections we share or aspire to build. Crafted with the idea that once entwined, separation becomes a challenge, this ring embodies the unity forged despite diverse personalities, beliefs, and life experiences. Together, we stand stronger, our bond indomitable.

Experience tranquility with our KEEP CALM spinner ring, designed to elevate your meditation practice and instill a sense of calm throughout your day. Harness the power of the outer spinner to release nervous energies, restore balance, and enhance focus. Let stress dissipate, and mood find serenity as you spin your way to peace.

"A RING FOR EVERYBODY" – the TWINE spinner ring boasts a mesmerizing braided tri-color spinner band elegantly poised on a sterling silver base ring. A versatile piece that transcends individual styles, this ring weighs 4.7g and measures 13 x 9 x 5 cm. Embrace the beauty of interconnectedness and make a statement with this unique and meaningful accessory.

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