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Ultimate Guide to Divination by Liz Dean

Ultimate Guide to Divination by Liz Dean

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The Beginner's Guide. Whether you're totally new to the magical arts or you have experience in one school of divination but not others, this book is a great place to either start or expand your knowledge. Covering tarot, oracle, crystals, palmistry, and more, as well as the intersections of these various approaches, The Ultimate Guide to Divination is your one stop shop for predicting the future. Develop your oracular skills and begin divining the future with help from divination expert and author Liz Dean. With glossaries and directories of crystals, psychic symbols, palmistry configurations, major and minor arcana of the tarot, and numerology charts and keys, this book is fully equipped to give you as much insight as possible into what your future - and your friends' futures - may hold. A great gift for the budding witch or divination practitioner in your life.

Liz Dean, 2018

Paperback, Like New

224 pages


25.5 x 20.5 x 1.8 cm

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